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Welcome to Cyberpunk Moth! This is my personal site used for whatever I want lmao. I mostly use this site to code or post my writing here.

WARNING: This site contains flashing images located in the "Shrines" section, avoid if you are sensitive to this imagery or have epilespy!

I am an art student and I have my commissions open at the moment! Feel free to follow me on any of my social medias listed in my carrd.

I would recommend that you read my BYF on my carrd before you view my artwork or writing.

The amount of coded my dumb tagging system needs is beyond stupid.

Also the loading times might be garbo too.

This site also works on mobile!


--- 01.04.24 ---

Username switch!

--- 09.28.23 ---

Added shines, webcomic, and writing pages!

--- 09.27.23 ---

Website was made!

Added home page, art tab, and basic bio


18 y.o.

Any Pronouns



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